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Brillyunt Website

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Brillyunt was really born around July 2005 when two mates, Webmaster & Smiler, had just finished working on another project and decided that boredom was boring. ( btw Smiler does the graphics oan oor sites, and Webmaster does the code. )

During wan drunken talk, Webmaster let it slip that he hud been pissing aboot with showing videos and other files oan a page. He thought it would be Brillyunt if we could allow folk tae upload aww the funny jokes and stuff fae their email.

Smiler agreed and made a quick mock-up in Photoshop of what it should look like as Webmaster got busy on some code.

There wur hunners of editorial arguments - do we allow unregistered users tae upload? Do we allow porno stuff? Do we use pish as wan oh the voting options!

The arguments wur resolved and the result was we registered the Brillyunt domain name on 2nd August 2005 and decided to go live.

We wur keeching oorselves!

Since then, we have had literally millyuns of hits so we must be daen something right. Play page hits are nearly 4 million at the time of writing, and they are accurate - we don't fiddle the figures.

Checking aww oor files - shows over 2000 files and the total views are around 2 and a half millyun We're no quite YouTube yet - but then again, there is a lot oh shite in YouTube and no much in Brillyunt!

The Brillyunt website is only showing a holding page now


We decided to huv a go at setting up a Forum to see how it wurked. That wis a laugh. Met some great folk through that.

Fannybaws and Kappa were the first to sign up and the original moderators, but others joined and some are now well into the Brillyunt project.

Gerry is a Brillyunt site admin, and Scaryman and Maz are Sysops on here.

Loads of other folk made the Brillyunt Forum a great place to be - Dodoheid, Ya Dobber, Badfish, No the full shillin, Greyheid, Upyerkilt, Trinder, TonyHendrix and many others.

The Forum is no longer running and is unlikely to be re-instated, thanks for the laughs while it lasted :)


In October 2007 we decided to add this Wiki.

Who knows where this will lead - we are a team noo with folk like Scaryman, Maz & Gerry joining in so this Wiki should be the next step up for Brillyunt.

After a long holiday, and by popular demand, the Wiki was restored from backups late January / early February 2014 - updated to the latest version of MediaWiki but any old User Logins should still be valid

Index Page

This is the original text fae the index page oh the Brillyunt site ...

This site is gonny be foo tae the gunnels with Brillyunt stuff, the type that you get in yer inbox fae yer Jakie mates. Nane of the pish stuff though, and nane of the knocked stuff that is copyright and could get us huckled by the Polis!

The management team (sounds fekin Brillyunt that!) will be uploading oor stuff whenever we have run oot of Buckfast and have nothing better to dae.

You Fannies can upload your stuff as well if ye want. (Hint - look for the 'Upload Stuff' buttons hidin aboot the place after you have registered - and hidin aboot the place means oan this site ya diddy, no doon the sides of the cushions on your DFS couch beside yer auld gongies and ginger nut crumbs!)

The management team (that's us ya dobbers) will check every upload before the other dobbers get to see it - so don't try and upload yer porno stuff on here Wee Man or you'll get pure chibbed!

Oh - byraway, you need to have more than bumfluff on yer baws to get in here. We don't give a feck if you huv just started the masturbating - you have to be over 18 years of age to get into this site!