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That wee bit oh rock tae the North oh Engurland - the two separate land masses accidentally bumped intae each other millions oh years ago and huv been stuck the gither ever since.

The Story Of Scotland

(Disclaimer - this bit might no actually be true!)

In the beginning when GOD was creating the world, HE was sitting on a cloud telling HIS friend the Archangel Gabriel what HE planned for Scotland.

"Gabriel" says HE, " I'm going to give this place high majestic mountains, purple glens, soaring eagles, streams laden with salmon, golden fields of... barley from which a whiskey coloured necter can be made, green, lush, spectacular golf courses, coal in the ground, oil under the sea,..... gas"

"Hold On! Hold On!" interrupted the Archangel Gabriel "Are you not being to generous to these Scots?" Back came the ALMIGHTY reply....

"Not really, wait till you see the neighbours I'M giving them!!!"


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