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  1. Using naughty words.
  2. Used to mean 'swearing on the bible' to show how sincere you are but today's meaning is totally different.

Stop yer swearin ya bam or yer banned fae Brillyunt.
A typical response from a moderator in Brillyunt when users start saying things like fuck.

Am swearin tae ye man - am tellin ye the feckin truth, oan ma wean's life I didny dae it.
The gentleman in question has been accosted by the Polis and is trying to protest his innocence but they obviously don't believe a word he says.

The second example shows the flexibility of this fine Scottish wurd - as well as using swearin to protest his innocence, oor mugger is also using it to say bad wurds.

A classic example of the Scottish banter and how we can use both definitions of a wurd in one sentence.