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Homemade Scottish Sweet - Traditionally made from a family recipe the same way your Granny made it.

You will need the following to make tablet.

1. A Decent Pot / stainless steel works best!

2. A Wooden Spoon /nothing else will do.

3. A Cup / one that holds about half a pint


1 cup / Granulated Sugar 1 cup / Full Fat Milk Scottish Unsalted Butter (aboot half a block or 125g)


There is no precise measuring involved in making Tablet, it really depends on how you like it. Put all three ingredients in the pot. Boil the mixture on a high heat, stirring the whole time. Do Not leave it unattended, it will burn very quickly. Your tablet should be golden brown in colour and thick (similar to canned custard) in consistency. If you can hold your nerve and cook the mixture longer the end product will taste better. The trick to good tablet is in the beating at the end, your mixture should start to dry slightly around the edge of the pot when it has been boiled long enough. Remove it from the heat and beat it vigourously until you see and feel it begin to stiffen and dry. Immediately pour onto a deep plate or tray and leave to set.

Please Note: If your Mother-in-law tells you to use condensed milk when making tablet DONT listen to her. This is a clever ploy to get her son to go running back to his mammy for the best tablet.