Tattie scones

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Tattie Scones



Hauf pun biled and mashed tatties

2.5oz (65g) floor

3 tablespoons melted butter

Hauf teaspoon salt


Mash the tatties while they are still warm and add the butter and salt. Add in enough floor to make a pliable dough (without making it too dry).

Floor yer surface and roll oot the mixture (aboot 1/4inch thick) Cut into squares or triangles, Prick with a fork and cook in a heavy frying pan using your preferred cooking oil or dripping.

Cook each wan till golden brown.

Please Note: The type of tattie ye use will affect how it turns oot ...dont use they skittery wee cyprus wans or egyptshun...get the wans ye wid generally use for baking...they urr ideal.