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  1. Starchy tuberous vegetables that grow in the ground.
  2. Scottish wurd for Potatoes

Tatties - Longer Description

Tatties are usually thought of as the staple diet of the Irish, or of those wannabee Irish who goto a certain fitba ground in the East End of Glesga, but they also make up a major part of the Scottish staple diet as well in the form of chups.

Tattie Recipes


Peel some tatties, chip them, then deep fry them.

Tatties and mince

Fry some onions in a pan then add in a pun oh mince. When its aww broon, add some watter then chop up a few curruts and fling them in and aww.

While waiting fur that to boil - peel and dice some tatties and add them tae a big pan oh watter with some salt.

Don't heat up the tatties yet, go fur a beer while the mince boils over and messes up yer feckin cooker.

To test if the mince is nearly ready, ye huv tae take a currut oot with a wooden spoon. It will burn yer mooth and you will swear, but if the currut is saft then the mince is nearly ready.

Switch ring unner the tatties oan and go fur another beer.


Right - efter yer beer the tatties should be ready.

Mash them up and add some butter and mulk.

Add some Bisto tae the mince, and swear again when it starts stickin tae the bottom oh the feckin pan!

Get the tatties oot onto a plate, pit mince oan top and enjoy :)


A crackling pair of sookers as in.... nice tatties oan hur