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Tennents Lager

Tennents Lager is a pale yellow liquid that is only just drinkable when cold (and there is nothing else in the fridge) but somehow it still seems popular in Scotland among the lower classes, especially weegies.

It is well known for it's images of scantily clad wummin, to intice drooling customers to buy by the crate.

Tennents Lager, has been brewed at the Wellpark Brewery in central Glasgow since 1885, making it the UK's original lager.

Other notable Tennents firsts include:

  1. first draught lager in 1924
  2. first canned lager in 1935
  3. first keg lager in 1963

Brillyunt Folk That Drink Tennents

Gerry has been known to have a can or 20 of Tennents on a Saturday night (or any night!)

Kappa may have a tipple of Tennents if there is nae buckie left.